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Medlar Publishing Solutions is based in Tamil Nadu, India (Thanjavur, India). The firm is primarily focused on delivering publishing related services like typesetting, transcription, eBooks and so on. With an aim to achieve perfection, within budget, Medlar Publishing Solutions, is your best bet to maximize profit and minimize stress.

We provide a variety of services at exceedingly competitive rates and deliver on time. The impetus to make the client's views our own and implement them with utmost sincerity and originality-is what makes Medlar Publishing Solutions an attractive option.


A lot of efforts at archiving include digitization of content. This ensures the longevity and preservation of a text in the long run. Hence, a lot of

Electronic publishing

XML: XML is one of the key features and requirements of Electronic publishing. HTML was initially used for the purpose of

Data conversion

Medlar Publishing Solutions provides its clients with a chance to convert their publication from one format to