Coming to America – 5 Reasons to Work with Medlar

Medlar Publishing Solutions will be represented by Mr Sundar Maruthu at Book Expo America from May 31 – June 2, 2017. Here are 5 reasons why you should arrange a meeting with him on the double:

1. A Stable Environment
We know that there are a lot of the Indian companies offering typesetting and digital conversions are in the Chennai region of India. We also know that many of them are at risk of closing during cyclone season from May to December each year. Not us. Thanks to our location 300km south-west of Chennai and 120km away from the Bay of Bengal, we are not affected by the adverse weather conditions that hit many of our competitors. During the cyclone and floods of late 2015, and more recently the Vardah Cyclone, most Chennai companies were closed for several weeks. We remained open throughout both storms. We have our server backup located in Singapore, which keeps our data secure in any emergency. We’re more stable and we’re open 6 days a week.

2. Time Zone Friendly
Currently we work for over 25 clients in 10 different countries: USA; UK; Spain; Singapore; Australia; New Zealand; Canada; France; Kenya and Brazil. They are specialised in STM, higher-education, trade books and journals. Often for some clients we create dedicated teams who work hours more suited to our clients’ timezones. For all clients we endeavour to respond to enquires 24/7, our response rate is on average under one hour.

3. Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility
We care about our staff – currently we employ 60 people and anticipate growth up to 100 people by the end of 2017. Medlar is the only tech company in Thanjavur, a predominantly agricultural area. We provide unparalleled opportunities for local graduates. Out of the 60 staff, 40 are female graduates. Most of them have gained pre-press experience in the companies in Chennai before joining us. All staff receive family medical insurance, as well as a provident fund for retirement. Every year we go on a staff holiday for 5 days. Our team also receive a bonus for Diwali and on their birthday.

4. Continual Investment in New Technology
Medlar continues to invest in new technology to broaden the services we can offer publishers. We’ve got you covered for every step of the production process from copy-editing to copy-writing, graphic design and typesetting, image processing to OCR, indexing and key points generation. Our latest development is to offer clients translation from English to Latin-based languages. By horizontal integration we can offer clients better value because they don’t have to shop around for different specialisations.

5. First Job Is On Us!
We’re so confident in our services that we offer prospective clients a free job of typesetting or digital conversion up to 200 pages. We understand that you might already work with one of our competitors, but why not find out how well we compete!

If you’d like to meet Mr Sundar Maruthu at Book Expo America, please email, call +1 (908) 656-2061 or tweet @MedlarPublishin

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