Composition and design

Two key services are presented by Medlar Publishing Solutions for composition and design: page layout/assembly and typesetting.

Page layout/assembly

Medlar Publishing Solutions offers diverse layout options after a manuscript has been professionally edited and indexed. The main focus is to properly organize the text in tandem with your needs and requirements. Different publications such as brochures, manuals, journals and books require specific layout options. We will build upon a basic template depending on the nature, genre and target audience of your brand.

Our team will look at the smaller details of the requested layout, adjusting the material and communicating regularly with you about the workflow. Any modifications can be included upon request, giving you full access to the layout process during its various stages. Don’t forget that character sets such as English, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish etc can be incorporated utilising finely tuned text in a logical order. The finished work is never produced until it receives full agreement in advance from you – our satisfied client.

The page assembly will involve our expert team scrutinizing your manuscript’s contents and quantifying the amount of contents being placed under each sub-heading and page. This part of the process is an essential part of your brand’s eventual presentation and we place great importance in getting it right.


Do you remember reading fantasy books when you were a child? They were often presented using a quaint calligraphic style. The look of the words probably helped you get ‘in the mood’ to escape to that fairytale land and enjoy adventures galore!

Getting into the ‘feel’ of a publication is the aim of a good typesetter. Medlar Publishing Solutions has mastered this process, related to typography/the art of designing. Firstly, the style and linguistic concepts in your text are studied. Secondly, the actual typesetting design is decided with your agreement. You are also welcome to introduce changes or additions at any stage until publication.

You want a manuscript which tells a story promoting your brand. We understand your concern. That’s why our technical team pays very close attention to the details. We aim to present a technical ‘look’ which fits your aims so that the finished work appeals to your readers.

Medlar Publishing Solutions offers quality, affordable end results with our layout and typesetting services. Any questions – please don’t hesitate to ask!