Digitization will allow your content to be archived, uploaded to a website, or delivered in one format or multiple formats. Medlar Publishing Solutions regularly works with publishing houses and other organizations to digitize their publications. Newspapers, magazines, and journals will often ask for these services to preserve news sources. Our teams know that your brand requires an affordable method to save your material and make it user-friendly for your readers when needed.

Our aim is two-fold. We want to provide you with compatible and scalable content but also make it easy to store and manage. You may need to change the material in the future or add to your published work. Costs needs to be kept at a minimum so any extra maintenance does not stretch your budget. The last thing you want is a data crash or file corruption – and Medlar Publishing Solutions provides a robust service to ensure this does not happen.

All these needs are overseen by our team at Medlar Publishing Solutions and included in the services package which is offered to you at a very economical and affordable price.