Editing and proofreading

Producing a publication professionally involves a number of development stages within the areas of copyediting, proofreading, and indexing. Medlar Publishing Solutions offers a first-class, personal service with our highly experienced team paying meticulous attention to your editorial needs throughout this process.


Editing is a labour-intensive process but essential for the pre-press stages of your publication’s development. We take this stress away from you by thoroughly inspecting your copy, making sure the text is fluent and accurate. Any mistakes will be highlighted [see proof reading below]. Our team of professional copy writers will suggest rewrites of text sections, only if appropriate. All of our writers have an exceptional grasp of the English language and are highly qualified. They also follow strict international literary guidelines especially for scientific and technical texts.


Your final copy needs to look tight, focused and interesting to bolster the standing of your brand. Small errors can make a negative difference to your organisation’s presentations – and you definitely don’t want that! Proof reading is an editorial skill to check the copy follows basic grammar rules such as punctuation and spelling. Any textual errors will be filtered out so that the final product looks polished and flawless. Proof reading is the last pre-press stage before eventual publication.