Index and key points generation

Index and key points are a list of words or phrases mentioned in the body text of a publication. It can include names, places, events, terminology, and concepts selected by a client as being relevant and of interest to the reader. In a library catalog the words are authors, titles, subject headings, etc., and the pointers are call numbers.


Indexing allows your readers to get maximum benefit out of your publication. It is especially important if your work involves a large field of study. Our team at Medlar Publishing Solutions will sift through your copy and highlight key sections or words. We will then tally up noted parts of the text to create a comprehensive index. Readers expect to find information quickly and easily, regardless of the publication’s genre. Medlar Publishing Solutions can formulate reader-friendly indexes to give a rewarding reading experience.

Key points generation

Key points generation is similar to indexing. However a reader will select a full sentence from your copy which highlights an important aspect of that particular page. They will then be able to research the meaning in greater detail.