Who we are

India is now a world power, at the top of the global economy. Medlar Publishing Solutions leads the nation’s publishing industry in producing tailor-made results for clients. We also serve an international customer base. Our staff have nearly 30 years of experience between them; and we are pioneers in utilizing online resources for our business partners. Individuals in our team originally trained in publishing niche trades such as production; proof reading; quality assurance; marketing; sales and technical support.

Medlar approach

Medlar Publishing Solutions is very serious about:

  1. Helping your business look exceptional and
  2. Boosting every aspect of your content processes.

Tell us your pre-publishing need and we guarantee to find the perfect solution. Our services will adapt to meet all of your brand’s requirements. Specific skills we offer include typesetting, content development, copy-editing, audio transcription, XML, ebooks, 3D solutions, and data conversion services.

Individual attention, punctuality, respecting your budget – Medlar aims to build up long-term, positive relationships based on trust. So get in contact with us today. Text, Email, Phone, Fax, Skype, Facebook message – whatever suits you. We will respond soon and that’s a promise!

You might be interested to know

Medlar is based in the semi-urban district of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a company aim to give local people in the semi-urban district of Thanjavur employment via our growing business. We are very excited about this new social project – to find out more, get in touch!

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